Lausanne Movement's Blogger Network

It is my great honor to team up with the Lausanne Movement's blogger network leading up to Cape Town 2010 this fall.  Marking a historic third world congress on world evangelization.  It's easy to see that the World Cup was not the only exciting thing taking place in South Africa this year.  

Previously I mentioned that the Lausanne Movement was started by Billy Graham in the 1970s.  In my humble opinion, this year's congress represents one of the most exciting moments in world history, as thousands of godly leaders gather from across the earth dreaming of what could be and should be for our generation, and millions more participate online.

There are so many ways you can get involved in the Lausanne Movement leading up to the congress this fall.
1. Set up a profile on the conversation site (and connect with me there!).  
2. Spread the word with like-minded friends on facebook and twitter.  
3. Follow their twitter for updates on the conversation and the event.
4. If you are in leadership, you may consider applying for the Blogger network as well. 
5. I believe there will be opportunity to host simulcast gatherings at churches and home groups this year as well, thanks to the wonder of the internet.  I will keep you posted on these possibilities. 
6. Make a point to regularly pray for this gathering and these leaders.  Download a Lausanne prayer diary here.
7. Participate financially, towards all the outreach events and ministry efforts in participation with this congress.