Shoes for Syrian Refugees

Last winter, Michelle and I were watching a CBS evening news story with Scott Pelley, which shared about the great need in refugee camps bordering the war-torn nation of Syria. Thousands of refugees are flooding the camps, and the needs are massive. A businessman from Texas had begun overseeing one of the camps, and expressed the need for shoes for the children during the harsh winter there. This broke my heart. I had a sensation that there are a million problems in the world, but God wanted me to do something about this one in particular.

To this day, I have that same sense in my heart, and I'm wondering what God could use us today if everyone partnered a little bit - how many refugees could we help during this time?

In the last two years, over two million Syrian refugees have fled from the crisis in their country into Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.  Some of the refugees live in overcrowded, unsanitary, often dangerous camps like Zaatari in northern Jordan—a camp established for 30,000 people and now housing more than 150,000 men, women and children.  As conditions in the massive camps become more desperate, increasing numbers of refugees seek help outside the camps in urban areas, only to discover they have virtually no access to jobs, housing, education—or even food. 

Fortunately, local churches and grassroots Christian organizations are providing help and hope for these refugees

These local heroes are offering desperate families groceries, clothing, shoes, first aid supplies, towels, blankets, mattresses, water filters, and heaters, particularly necessary now as winter temperatures reach record lows in the Middle East.

In addition, these faithful servants deliver food and emergency supplies to displaced and vulnerable people still inside Syria, and they help to rescue Syrian women and girls from sex trafficking.  All this work is done in the name and spirit of Jesus.

The local people providing these services are heroes, but they have to be unsung heroes. Because of possible security threats to on-the-ground workers, we can’t name them.  However, one of our partners in this effort, Lynne Hybels, has personal connections to these Middle Eastern ministries, and will transfer 100 percent of your donations directly to them

If you wonder how much your money can do, here are some examples:

  • Shoes: $8
  • Socks: $2
  • Pajamas: $6
  • Sweaters: $8 
  • Blankets: $12
  • Jackets: $17
  • Support a women rescued from sex trafficking for one month: $30
  • 4 blankets and mattress: $70
  • 2 blankets, mattress, stove: $140
  • Support a woman rescued from sex trafficking for one year: $365
  • Provide a family with 3 blankets, 2 mattresses, 1 water filter and filters for a year, 1 stove and fuel vouchers for 8 months: $495

The more you give, the more we can show the love of Christ to Syrian refugees who are suffering. Will you help us? Will you mobilize your friends to meet these needs?

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