Matt Brown

Matt Brown is an evangelist, author of Awakening (2015) and founder of Think Eternity.

He and his wife Michelle are impacting thousands of people with the gospel each year through live events and online. Their speaking ministry has taken them to the ends of the earth, and thousands of people have trusted in Christ as a result of their ministry. They also minister to 400,000 followers on social media daily.


Avenues of Ministry

Matt & Michelle are focused on spreading the gospel through live events, speaking, books, radio and online through blogging, and social media.

Events: Think Eternity puts on multiple conferences, outreaches and events each year in various cities bringing together hundreds of churches around the gospel for unified prayer, training, and outreach.

Speaking: Matt has been taking dozens of speaking invitations each year for over a decade in a variety of denominational and generational settings.

Even though he is a simple gospel preacher, God has allowed him to share the goodness of Jesus alongside well known artists such as Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North, Switchfoot, Gungor, Big Daddy Weave, Shane & Shane, Jefferson Bethke, Phil Stacey of American Idol, Jared Anderson and others.

Books: Matt has authored and co-authored five books. He is represented by The Blythe Daniels Agency, and published by Leafwood Publishers.

Radio: Matt shares regularly on Christian radio, and has been a guest on dozens of Christian radio stations.

Blogging: In addition to nearly a thousand devotional articles on, Matt writes periodically for other Christian websites, including, The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, Gospel Centered Discipleship, Dare2Share,, FaithVillage, Prodigal Magazine, Emerging Evangelists and other leading Christian sites.

Social Media: Think Eternity and additional ministry accounts minister to 400,000 followers on social media daily.


History and Upbringing

Matt and Michelle Brown's heritage is one of rich spiritual DNA and a strong picture of many Christian denominations coming together.

It is no wonder their passion is to unify churches and denominations around the cross, and carrying the message of the Gospel to those outside the Church.

Matt's ethnic heritage includes Italian Catholics who were known for praying for their future ancestors, and German Mennonnites, including one ancestor who served as the first missionary to China for the Anabaptist Mennonite movement in 1909 and even spent time in prison for spreading the Gospel. 

Michelle's family comes from a line of preachers, one of her ancestors was ordained by John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist denomination. Michelle's grandfather, G. Mark Denyes was the founding Pastor of Emmanuel, a mega-church near the Twin Cities, while it was still just a few families meeting in the basement of a home.  He served as the Lead Pastor there for nearly 45 years - seeing the church grow to what is today one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in the nation. 

Matt and Michelle were both impacted by a several year long revival that took place just before their twenties in the town of Delano, Minnesota. God moved powerfully on a group of Catholic youth who met for a weekly worship night. This student-led gathering soon included band members from various denominational backgrounds, including Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Assemblies of God and Evangelical Free. For several years, 4-600 students gathered in worship each week in a Public High School with a population of 650 students. Church groups drove in from several hours away for a one hour worship night, as they heard of what was taking place. For an entire school year during this time, zero disciplinary problems were reported in the entire student body. Many students experienced the Presence of God, many Biblical miracles took place and countless people turned to follow Christ as a result of what took place.