The First Church History Book Ever!

I've been reading an amazing book over the past few months called The Church History by Eusebius (translated by Paul Maier).  It is literally the first surviving Church History book that we know of to date.  It was written in around the 3rd Century by Eusebius, who is a contemporary of ministers that clearly knew the teaching of the Apostles.  He writes in 10 books (books back then were anywhere from 10-60 pages, a bit shorter than we have today, kind of like lots of "prayer of Jabez's" : ).  His first books is on Jesus, and he writes about Christ with a love and reverance than is breathtaking.  It's hard to put it's impact into words.  He goes on to write of the Apostles, the first mentees of the Apostles and beyond.  He writes of several Church fathers and of ministers in every corner of the known world over the past many generations since Christ had come.  He shares of the impact of ministries, famous Christian writings, records fragments of the first and second generation of ministers after the Apostles, discusses the worldwide Church's ongoing discussion of the canon of Scripture, covers the massive amount of martyrdoms in various parts of the world since the Apostles including much in his own day.  It is my favorite book besides the Bible, and one of the most important Christian documents in all of history.  I highly recommend it, though for non-history lovers, it may suffice to read the first few chapter/books.