Why (I think) McCain Chose Palin

There's no time like the present to look back on the election and see where some went wrong and others succeeded.  It's so interesting to see the post-elections press.  Some late night jokesters are failing incredibly trying to still make jokes about McCain.  He's nothing less than a patriot.  With their lack of clout, you'd think they'd make fun of their own grandparents for a cheap laugh.  Some of the press has now turned their attention on Obama and are already starting to question his promises and claims, before he even takes office officially.  Some of the most interesting news stories I've seen have come out post-election:

-McCain and Obama not only didn't need to know how to use the internet, but also as President elect, will not be allowed to use it.  Check out the article on New York Times.

-Major news media outlets were quoting and using information about Sarah Palin from deceptive and unproven sources.  Check out the article on New York Times.

-According to the Barna Group, Protestant voters are equally split between Republicans and Democrats.  Check out the article at Barna Group here.

I for one was so impressed with Sarah Palin.  There's underlying reasons to my admiration.  Part of my political prowess is to believe that if I vote for people like me, they will vote like me; namely, my values. 

Here's just a few reasons why (I think) McCain chose Palin (and why he would do it all over again):

1. She's a woman.  Not that she would steal Hillary Clinton's liberal women's votes, but there are plenty of non-liberal women and swing voters in the US that Palin draws.

2. She's a Pentecostal Christian.  This is the one reasoning that many people missed.  Wead writes in his blog: "And here are the numbers.  Beware.  You
may be a bit surprised by what I am about to tell you but the
references are all at the end of the blog, so hang tight and follow the
numbers and the logic.  According to Barna, 36% of the American public are charismatic or Pentecostal Christians.  We are talking about huge numbers, probably 80 million adults.  Consider that 24% of the American public are Catholic. 13% are African American.  To
give you an idea of the numbers, just remember that anyone who is
baptized as an infant as a Catholic, is counted as a Catholic.  But
to be counted in this 36% you had to say that you had been “filled with
the Holy Spirit” and that you believe that “the charismatic gifts,
gifts such as tongues and healing, are still valid and active today.”  So the 36% Penteocstal-Charismatics are hot.  They are adult and active.  Now, here’s where it gets even more ironic.  It
turns out that 33% of all Catholics are charismatic, that is, they
believe in these same gifts of healing and speaking in tongues.  Again, the same logic applies.  Cultural Catholics are less likely to have been involved in the “charismatic renewal” within their own Church.  Most of the 33% are adults, and active."  Read the rest of his blog here.

3. She is young.  To offset his age as the oldest Presidential candidate from a major party, McCain was wise in choosing Palin, a young Republican governer who would draw the youth vote.

4. She makes the election historic either way it goes.  I was so thrilled when I heard McCain chose Palin for VP.  Even for informed voters, there's something to voting to make history.  It draws non-voters and voters alike.

All this after the election has been decided.  Just a few thoughts I couldn't help but share.