Last Minute Election Thoughts

So excited to vote tomorrow!  I am going to vote for ... yeah right, like you think I'd tell? 

Voting is better as a secret spiritual discipline like prayer and fasting.  Although, if you can "evangelize" for your party or opinions in a calm, kind way to people who care about your opinion, do it. 

Here's a few of my last minute election thoughts:

First off, I think the race will be waaaaay closer than the polls show.  Not that I don't trust the polls, I do.  However, Obama fans are way more excited to talk about their opinions right now than most McCain fans, the polls aren't going to be successful.   Because of the media support, voting for Obama has become the cool thing to do, and Obama voters are much more outspoken and involved currently.  Also, Obama has a lot of pull with younger people, whereas McCain will also draw a whole lot of older voters, that may not be as easy to get involved with the polls.  Obama is definitely in the lead, but I think it will be a very close, fun race tomorrow.

We really shoot ourselves in the foot when we demean other parties and opinions in the US.  The moment we declare the winner, we have to start attempting to work together over the next 4-8 years, and the year or two of pre-election smear campaigns doesn't help that cause.  This is OUR country.  Not my country or your country.  Let's work together to get along.  Let's listen to each other's opinions.  Let's each stand on our personal beliefs and let the majority win.

Input, output, what goes in is what comes out.  You are what you listen to.  We need to recognize this truth.  If all you listen to is one radio station or one tv station, you may be jaded in your opinions.  This is why it is so vital for our faith integration into politics to go back to the Word of God.  Remind yourself what it says on the issues.  Then take some time for prayer and contemplation on which hot button issues are most important to God and to you.

The best times to vote tomorrow and miss the lines will probably be 10am and 2pm.

Happy Voting!