Raving Fans

Michelle inspired me to write this blog.  We were talking a few weeks ago about all the amazing opportunities we've had lately for personal evangelism and to be a witness for all Christ means to us. 

There's such a tendency I feel, even as an evangelist, to hold back my passion for my faith and for my church.  I don't know where it comes from.  I fight it frequently.  Maybe you've felt this way too?

Michelle was talking with a gentleman while working a few weeks ago and he asked some questions about her faith.  It was a situation where it was natural to share what Christ had done in her life.  However, she also felt like she should hold back.  She began to question her motives - was this timidity out of respect for others feelings, from cultural expectations or maybe just plain fear?

She had a realization that day.  We get excited about so many things - whatever we are passionate about.  It may be sports, education, technology, money, work, food or something else.  For Michelle and me it's things like Apple computers, Costco, TiVo, Toyota vehicles, Vanguard and ING savings accounts, and more.  When we are a raving fan of a product or service many of us quite literally shout it out to the world without caring what others think. 

In the same way, why not be a raving fan for Jesus?  Why not be a raving fan of our local church?  Why not be a raving fan of our saving faith?  If we are a raving fan of any of these things, why should it be portrayed any different than a silly product or service fad?  Why not be a raving fan of something that lasts for eternity.  We don't have to act or work anything up.  All we have to do is decide together to make a conscious decision not to hold back what's inside.

I know Jesus is a raving fan for us before the Father.

A raving fan along with you.