MapQuest for Our Lives pt 5 (end): Reaching Success

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I have really enjoyed sharing some personal thoughts from an assortment of Scriptures, books and life experience on this subject of God's plans for our lives.  My first ever blog series.  Think I might do it again sometime.  Thanks for tuning in.

It really is true that our lives are a whole lot more about the journey than the destination.  However, it is equally true that we set goals and standards of success in front of us to help us stay focused on the journey.

This is where success comes in.  I have a friend who really doesn't like the idea of all America's success and winner teachings.  He believes Christ has called us to serve with humility.  Here's the catch - you define your own success in life.  You can even call it another word ... dream, vision, hope, landmark, end goal, end point, significance, etc.  Bottom line: where are you going?  What do you want to do?  Why do you want to do it?  What is your life all about.  This is defining success for your life.  This is creating goals for who you hope to become and what you hope to accomplish. 

John Maxwell has said, "if we aim at nothing, we will hit it every time."

Another wise man has said, "shoot for the moon, then at least you'll land among the stars."

There really is a lot of truth to setting goals, dreaming dreams and defining what success means for your life.  It's not a must or a cure all, but it can be a huge help to discovering and pursuing God's purposes for you. 

The Apostles had such a goal, in the words of Christ, "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."  It was clear and big.  I'd encourage you to set a similar sized definition of success for your life.

Success is different for everyone.  It depends on their upbringing, life's experience and more.  Yet each of us can and should set expectations for ourselves.  Hopes.  It's those types of things that help us live beyond what we are and make the world a better place.

Here's a few guidelines for defining and reaching success in life:

1. Write down your dreams.
This is your picture of success.  It will change and morph as you get older, but many things will stay the same.  Write down aspirations.  Even if they seem crazy, write them down and put them somewhere appropriate as a reminder.  Some people call this a bucket list, others call it something else.  I personally like to have goals for the next few months, next year and life long goals.  If I reach these, I know I will sense I am successful.

2. Write down steps to your dreams.
This is the piece missing from most people's ambitions.  I wouldn't even be able to count how many people I've known who had massive vision, but so few practical ways to get there it was clear they never would.  Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly habits and steps to reach your dreams.  This list is even more important than your bucket list to keep in front of you as a constant reminder. 

3. Trust God.
God goes beyond our dreams and ambitions.  Ephesians 3:20 says "God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or even imagine ... according to his power which is at work within us."  We trust and rely on him that he is working behind the scenes to set up divine appointments and divine opportunities in order to show his glory through our lives and through our God sized dreams!

Happy Trails.