The New Wiki Church

Been thinking of some New Year's resolutions already - mostly digital so far.  Want to twitter (or status update) less.  Shooting for two a day or less.  Today I'll have failed miserably with three twitters once this blog posts with a tiny URL.  I'd really like to write updates on important things, rather than on everything.

Another goal would be to write shorter blogs.  We'll start with this one. 

My last blog was on a peculiar new direction God is whispering into young adults hearts - a calling to the world made possible through the "flattening" of the world via internet, personal computers and airplanes.  Another obstacle/opportunity facing the Church today comes partly from these inventions and also from a general shift in culture and generational change - namely Modernism to Post-Modernism.  Terms or no terms, change is happening and even Fortune 500 companies are changing the way they do things to meet the growing demands of the market.

The term "Wiki," comes from an "open source server software that enables users to create and edit Web pages using any Web browser" (Gospel According to Starbucks, Sweet, p. 71)  Think of websites you know and love that use this, namely Wikipedia and Wiktionary.  These sites allow people like you and me to edit content, add our opinions and share information. 

I've seen this happening in churches and denominations across the US.  People want the community that a church and denomination brings, but they also want the ability to participate, have "say power," and customize their religious experience.  Hence the new superpower of inter-denominational or non-denominational mega and giga-churches as well as the underrated power of house churches and the growing popularity of small group ministry within churches.  The great news is that this shift will hopefully bring a greater unity and understanding between Christians of all shapes and sizes.

The more churches and denominations want to thrive, the more we need to be willing to collaborate, dialogue, divvy out ownership, and open up the floor.