The Fusion of New and Ancient

It's interesting, because I've been thinking about my past two blogs The New Wiki Church and God is Doing Something New.  The global calling is really as ancient as it is new.  Jesus called his disciples to "go into all the world preaching the Gospel."  They did just that.  In fact, the first disciples were surprisingly more mobile than we might think.  Some reports show the Apostle Paul going as far as Spain and Britain and other show the Apostle Thomas and others going as far as India and other parts of Asia.  Most surprising is the legends of certain Apostles going from East to West preaching across long distances.  It is hard for historians to reckon unless we understand that travel wasn't as difficult as the modern interpreter might think - mostly thanks to Romanization and Roman roads.  Eusebius, the first surviving author of Church history from the 3rd Century says the Apostles split up the known world for evangelization.

And this idea of creating ownership among adherents is also as ancient as it is new.  Some call it the priesthood of believers, others simply discipleship.  Jesus is calling all of us to pray, all of us to give, all of us to go.  The Church is a Body of believers.  Each of us has a part, each something to share with all the rest.  We serve each other with these gifts, helping each other become more like Christ and accomplish God's purposes in the world.  God has called ministers to give their lives "equipping the saints (his consecrated people) [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ's body (the church)" (Ephesians 4:12, Amplified).  As leaders our job is not only to teach the people, but also to raise up the people to teach.  We are to prepare those in the pews to preach in pulpits outside of the church walls.  We can only be successful by "open sourcing" Church, raising up others and passing out authority.