A Few Good Books

Just finished reading several very good books.  Of course, Michelle says I say that about just about every book.  I argue that authors take an average of two years of learning per book, and that this should count for something.  Every book is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be unleashed on the open mind.

I've often said that "many of us are one good book away from success in any given area in our lives." 

I caught this passion for reading when I was enjoying my summer before my freshman year of college.  God dropped a passion to learn in my heart and it has been paramount in my life.

Here's a few short reviews of recent reads:

Evangelism Without the Additives by Jim Henderson: best book on evangelism I've read to date.  Evangelism should be much more natural and authentic and less forced.  Henderson proves this in an evangelism book for ordinary people who struggle with programmatic mission.

The Gospel According to Starbucks by Leonard Sweet: fun read for a coffee fanatic like me.  Enjoyed his coffee facts and quips nearly more than the spiritual themes of the book.  Gifted authorship.

Holy Spirit, I Hunger for You by Claudio Freidzon: beautiful exposition on what God has done in and through his life with an emphasis on a deep, growing relationship with God.