Evangelism Without Additives: What if sharing your faith meant just being yourself?

Evangelism Without Additives is probably the greatest evangelism book I've read to date.  Others are just too formulaic and processed.  This book explains sharing Christ to be natural and organic for everyone, not just for the elite Christian.

Henderson's basic points are:
-It's not about being bold, it's about giving your attention to someone else.
-Non-Christians shouldn't be referred to as "lost," but as "the people Jesus misses the most."
-Ordinary people with extremely unexciting acts is how the Gospel moves forward.
-Be yourself, stop memorizing evangelistic shortcuts and be real.
-Small talk, not directing the conversation towards "closing the sale" is what really builds trust, friendship and is what will cause someone to be nudged towards Jesus over the long term.
-Evangelize with your ears.  Jesus asked great questions.  We need to do the listening.  Preach by listening and caring about other people.  Don't always correct people's theology.  Let it be.
-Do what you're already doing.  It probably counts as "evangelism" if you really think about it.  God's probably counting it, even though it might not add up to some of the extraordinary stories you've heard from elite Christians.
-And more.  Must read, because my summary doesn't do it an ounce of justice!

In essence, this book is more about putting yourself in the shoes of those you care about, than building a great story to share with your church.  It's completely built of stories of how Jesus did it.  Henderson takes us on a journey and it is shocking to discover how far away we are from the natural evangelism methods of Christ.