My Favorite iPhone Apps

One of my favorite things about the iPhone is the App store.  I'm really glad they pioneered it and equally as happy that other phones are copying its success.  Soon I can imagine every phone having helpful applications for free or low one time costs.  Maybe this depth of customization will even transfer to the cable tv industry and we'll be able to watch shows, series or channels as we desire, without paying for all the extra channels we never watch.

The iPhone comes standard with a dozen apps for free with the phone, they are: stocks, weather, maps, calendar, contacts, YouTube, Camera, Photos, Clock, Notes, Text (w/ chat threads), Settings, Calculator, Phone, Mail, Safari, App Store, iTunes Store and of course iPod.

From there on you can move your apps around your screen with the capability for multiple screens and find free or low cost apps that will be useful to your life.  Here's some of my favorite iPhone apps so far:

-Remote - free - allows you a wireless remote for your iTunes.  Control your music from any room in the house or office.
-Pandora - free - free wireless streaming radio according to your desired style or band.  Can skip songs if you want as well.
-facebook - free - sweet looking facebook app that allows you to stay connected with friends on the go.
-TwitterFon - free - my personal favorite twitter app. - free - recently found this.  Allows me to update my wishlist. 
-RSoccer09 - $10 - Amazing soccer game.
Asphalt4 - $10 - Great racing game.  An experience, because you can tilt the iPhone to turn your car.
PocketGuitar - $1 - Probably the best buy of any of these apps.  Incredible sound.  Can actually lead worship with this!
Wikipedia - $3 - I just love wikipedia.
World Facts - $1 - Info on every country in the world for travelers.
Oxford Thesaurus - $15 - Helpful for writing.  Thesaurus in the palm of your hand.
YouVersion Bible - free - Unbelievable free Bible by  Dozens of versions in many languages.  Fun to switch the version while in church.