God is Doing Something New

Well isn't God always doing something new?  Each generation, every century with all the coming and going of fads, trends and whatever else they have been labeled in the past.  God works along with us to use us to touch the world with his love.

We can trust his ways and lean on his understanding.  I love what my father in law and pastor says "The promises of God have been tested generation after generation; we are not in beta testing anymore."

Once again I feel God is doing wonderful new things in his Church and in his people around the world.

I keep meeting people who feel a similar calling of the Holy Spirit that God has whispered to my heart.  It is a calling to the world.  A global call to reach people for Christ.  So many others are feeling this burden.  It is not heavy, as with most things with the Lord, it is light and exciting.

The truth is for the first time in world history ... think of it, no other generation has been ready to hear this call as a real possibility.  Two things have changed since then. 

Airplanes - which enable us to travel to any part of the world within 24 hours.  Airplanes were only used since the turn of the 20th Century and then only for war "toys."  No one thought of them as a real tool or possibility.  Slowly it was a dream realized and by around 1950 the first commercial airline was born.  Only within the past few decades has airline travel become commonplace.  Within our own generation a missionary shared a story of traveling to India via boat across the Ocean.  Took many months and rough times.  Gone are those days.

Internet and Personal Computers - I was shocked to find that internet was really only popularized by Netscape in 1992.  What have people done at work for centuries?  Or even in the 60's, 70's and 80's?  Crazy.  The internet has been a massive scale tool for missionaries to stay in touch with home base, but also as a tool for reaching out to people, holding Church services on the other side of the globe.  Now we can do ministry in Asia, leave Asia, but continue to disciple and mentor via the web.  Our only limitations are our imaginations.

So I keep hearing this common theme: God is calling people to the nations

You've probably heard it before too.  It's barely conceivable to anyone outside our own Generation Y.  Denominations are staggering to keep up.  But God is doing it.  And it is amazing.