Great Inventors that beat the odds, and how you can too

Read two great books by John Maxwell yesterday.  They exhibit a very different time of his life, as they were written more than a decade from when his popular writings came out.  They are Running with the Giants and Think on These Things

In the latter he shares some encouraging thoughts about famous inventors. 

It seems that many inventors had naysayers who told them they couldn't do it. 

People told them it will never work, it's too much work, it's impossible, why even try? 

  • Experts told Benjamin Franklin to stop his foolish experimenting with lighting.  Thankfully, he didn't - and we have electricity today!
  • Spain's leading geographer and scholar and his panel of experts presented their case to the king and queen of Portugal against Christopher Columbus's excursion.  They wrote, "Columbus's plan cannot be acommplished.  Quite impossible."  Thankfully, he didn't quit asking for permission and support - and we reside in America today!
  • People told Orville & Wilbur Wright to stop wasting their time on a making a contraption fly into the air.  Thankfully, they kept on - and today we can fly anywhere in the world in less than a day.
  • Thomas Edison painstakingly performed nearly a thousand experiments before creating the light bulb.  Thankfully, he didn't quit - and we don't need to use candles anymore : )  Let there be light.
  • Thomas Edison tried to discourage Henry Ford from trying to work on his fledgling idea of a motor car.  "It's a worthless idea," remarked Edison.  Thankfully, Ford didn't listen. And we have cars!
  • Abraham Lincoln ran for the state legislature and failed.  He entered business and failed - spending the next 17 years paying off his debts.  He ran for Congress and was defeated.  He ran for President of the United States and won.  His quote from early on was, "I will get ready, my time will come."  He didn't listen to the naysayers, all around him.  Thankfully, he pressed on - and today we can enjoy a land free of the atrocities of slavery.
  • This list could go on and on. 

For every great idea, there's a thousand naysayers. 

Naysayers who will benefit greatly if we don't listen - but press on. Dream big! Never Give Up! Benefit Humanity! Change the World!