Bible Heroes that beat the Odds, and How You Can Too

As I wrote in my last blog, there is a multitude of great examples through history to remind us not to listen to those around us who tell us "it can't be done." 

There are so many Biblical stories that encourage us to not give up as well:

  • Before David fought Goliath, he had to face another, greater "giant."  His older brother Eliab, who told him he couldn't win.  Thankfully, David didn't listen, but became a history maker - and emerged a generation of giant slayers in Israel in his day.
  • In the midst of his hardest days, Job's own wife told him to let go of his integrity ... to "curse God and die."  What a way to go.  Thankfully, Job didn't listen - allowing us to learn an integral truth about who our God is.
  • When Joseph innocently told his brothers his dream, they ripped him apart verbally and sold him as a slave, calling him a "dreamer," in a negative sense.  Thankfully, he kept on, doing his best with whatever situation faced him - and saved his family (70 relatives) from a terrible famine, which lineage eventually led to Jesus Christ, the Savior of humanity.
  • Most importantly, Jesus, constantly attacked by the religious leaders of his day, fulfilled his work in the world by dying on the cross for the stain of our sin, and won our hearts for eternity.

The world will always have naysayers, and they will always be there right before anything good is about to happen. 

Let's understand & be ready for this, and stand our ground with what God has put on our hearts to do. 

Let's do our best to be encouragers of innovation and dreaming - with a vision bigger than most, seeing what could be and should be, and not fall prey to being naysayers ourselves. 

It's everything we're called to be as Christians.  The opposite of naysaying? ...  Faith.