Disgruntled Travelers

We were recently doing a marketing job in the Minneapolis airport. It is so much fun watching people on their way somewhere. All different types of people.

Every now and then you see people sprinting to catch their plane .. that is always fun to watch! More recently, because of Christmas, we've been watching dozens of dogs coming through with their owners .. and some were even loose! Many, many families, immigrants, you name it, they're there. Something frequently occurs to us as we work there at our kiosk .. people come ... with questions.

Disgruntled travelers wandering, wondering, not sure where they are supposed to go.

We kindly direct them, show them the map, walk them to the right starting point, and point them on their way.

These experiences got me thinking: 

As much as we attempt to share spiritual direction with people - a real, true, simple part of our job description as Christians is to simply be there to answer questions, show people the map, point them in the right direction, walk with them for part of the way.

As much as we strive to search them out, there will be plenty of times where we are just there at the right moment and people come over to us with their questions.

They see our faith ... our kiosk in a sense, and know that we may have some answers.

So don't be discouraged, people are making their way to you, they are watching you. There will always be disgruntled, weary travelers in need of some guidance.