Evangelism Goes Green

Many have seen or felt the urgency to protect the earth from harmful effects of human population growth such as pollution, garbage, and other mass waste products that effect our ozone, keeping out harmful rays from the sun. To respond to this crisis by decreasing our own personal waste is called "going green."

In the words of a recent Starbucks cup - "Green is the new color of patriotism in America ... Green is the new Red, White and Blue."

While conserving the earth God has given us should be important, there are some things in this world that are far more important.

A Pastor from Missouri told a story recently, that illustrates this truth:

One time while in his home town at a church event with his wife and some of his kids they heard the frightening sound of tornado alarms.

Depending on what part of the country you live in these alarms are not too scary, but in the central plains part of the country these alarms are very serious. It so happened that three twisters touched down near their area and destroyed everything in their path.

What made this even more frightening for Rick and his wife was that their 16 year old son was back home and right in the path of the tornado!

Rick's wife had been talking to their son over the phone when the phone line went dead. Panic struck their hearts. 

Rick borrowed someone's car and rushed towards his home. What would've been a short 20 minute drive turned into an hour long excursion trying to dodge traffic jams and fallen trees and debris left in the wake of the natural disaster.

He prayed more earnestly than ever before, crying out to God to spare the life of his son.

Recently they had moved into a very beautiful, newly designed home. The first non-fixer-upper of his and his wife's life. Not once did he worry or stop to think of his home. His son was the only thought and worry fixated in his mind.

Finally reaching the entrance to their development, Rick saw to his horror that the houses had been demolished. Trees blocked the entrance, as well as several police squad cars. Rick got out of the car and ran towards his house to find his son. The police yelled to him that it was not safe to go in, but he ran from their warnings hopping and near climbing over debris as fast as his legs could carry him. Finally reaching his house he saw one of kids room's looking like a child's doll house with everything in tact inside, but the front wall torn off.

He ran in calling his son's name. Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!

Frantically searching and yelling for his son ... what came next was music to his ears ... Dad! Dad! Dad!

His son was okay! Hiding safely in the basement bathroom, he had escaped the harm of the tornado.

Besides making me feel warm and fuzzy, this story got me thinking.

God is an amazing Father. When the destruction and torrents of the enemy and the world rage through each of our lives, all through the history of humanity, God's mind has been fixed perfectly on one thing.

The one thing that really, really matters. His kids. God's care and concern has been directed, not towards material products or earthly matter, but his kids.

Remember, not once did Rick care about his house, but as a Father, he longed for the safety of his child.

God longs for our safety - eternal soul safety.

God is green only in the sense that He wants protection of his global creation for the sole reason of furthered protection of his kids ... or humanity. In that way, God's way is taking care of this earth for ourselves and future generations. Also, however, God's primary focus, which should be our primary focus is not caught up in spending his time to save dirt, but to save humans!

One day God will have to form a new earth as His word says, but our night and day concern beyond canceling poverty and going green should be close to the broken heart of God for touching lost souls.