Gifts of Evangelism

Some of you have heard mentioned "The Gift of Evangelism." I started to think it sounded like a pretty good concept for a sermon, but... 

When I went to preach a sermon on the gift of evangelism, I couldn't find any Scriptures on it.

I know my Bible pretty well. I couldn't find any Scriptures on this gift, because it is not Scriptural. 

God does give people spiritual gifts as described in 1 Corinthians 12 and other wonderful passages, however, evangelism is never mentioned.

What is mentioned constantly throughout Scripture is a continuing command to all Christians to evangelize the lost.

Just because some people are naturally more outgoing than others, does not mean they are any more or less called by God to reach out to those without Christ.  

In fact, shy people may be the only ones who can truly reach non-Christian shy people, etc. God gives each of us spheres of influence to impact for his Kingdom.

So if there was a gift of evangelism, we'd all have it, because God has called each of us to do it.

And those he calls, he equips for the task ahead. As I've often said, all that is required to share Christ is a heart or concern for those without Christ and a willingness to step out as God gives opportunities.

Congratulations, on your gift of evangelism. Christ has distributed it liberally and freely to all who follow Him!