Reaching People for Christ in India

Michelle and I recently returned from a trip to India. We visited the Southern part of the world's 2nd largest country. The trip was both difficult and rewarding.

During our 2nd week there we traveled to the town of Pagidala to hold our first large outreach. For four consecutive nights we preached and glorified Jesus Christ as One True God. Many miracles took place as we prayed over the crowd. Hundreds testified to being completely healed by the Name of Jesus.

By the fourth night, the Hindu leaders of the town joined us on the stage as we greeted a crowd of over 10,000 in this small town of 13,000 people.

A Hindu Sadu who had tried to thwart the crusade from happening also joined us. By the end of the night, he had heard a clear presentation of the gospel for the first time in his life, requested a copy of the Bible, and had us pray for him. Michelle got to share Christ personally with him for over an hour.

At the end of this four day outreach, we received 2,556 signed decision cards for Christ, which local pastors will follow up on for discipleship.

We also got to raise money for and dedicate 2 wells for villages previously without clean, running water.  All glory to God! He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise!