We are All Hypocrites

Frequently I have heard people use the term "hypocrites." 

"Hypocrisy" is defined as: "The claim, pretense or false representation of holding beliefs, feeling or virtues that one does not actually possess."

The truth is all of us are guilty of being hypocritical in certain areas of our lives. 

We claim to be a good friend and yet we fail at times. We may feel we are a good parent and yet we don't practice what we preach concerning raising our children. The list goes on and on in many areas of our lives, both public and private. 

The truth is every human is a hypocrite, not just Christians. 

In fact, I believe most of us are wrong about most of our lives. We are hypocrites in the most extreme sense. We all think we are one thing, while in fact we often do the opposite. 

Christians are not excluded. 

Here's the truth: Christians claim to follow Christ, but fail every day. You don't need to look at televangelists to see great hypocrisy. Look at any Christian and you’ll see a hypocrite. The names could be synonymous. Just like the rest of the world, they claim to follow something, but often fail.

But here's the good news: hypocrisy does not disprove the message or power of Christ and the Bible. Hypocrisy only strengthens it. 

The message of the cross, the message of Jesus Christ, the message of the Bible is just that:

  • Paul tells us “all have sinned (committed hypocrisy) and fallen short of God’s standard” (Romans 3:23).
  • James tells us “we all stumble (commit hypocrisy) in many ways” (James 3:2).

The truth of Christianity is that we are all hypocrites, and that is why we all need Jesus. 

That is why he came to die for us. That is why such a sacrifice was needed, and Christ went to the cross out of love & mercy for each of us. 

He came as a non-hypocrite to pay the price for all of us hypocrites, because he knew there was no hope for us and our deep hypocrisy. 

I’m not saying to give up trying to better yourself and your life, but know this: 

Real life doesn’t start for any of us until we realize we are a hypocrite and we need help. 

Jesus brings a different truth than any religion, in that, instead of urging us to jump out of the impossible human cycle of hypocrisy, he says “come to me, accept what I’ve already done, stop trying to save yourself, I will give you rest.”

In the words of a relative: “The Church is like Noah’s ark. It stinks, but you better get on it or you’ll drown.” 

Welcome to the place where hypocrites are accepted and forgiven.