Hanging on to the Eagle's Feet

Today, while in prayer, I saw visual of fulfilling God's plan for our

lives.  God tells us he will help us to run and not grow weary, walk

and not faint.  He will carry us on wings of eagles.  I caught a

glimpse of this ... imagine hanging from the feet of an eagle.  Your

right hand is on their right leg.  Your left hand is on their left

leg.  You are being carried into God's exceedingly great promises in

Christ Jesus.  The revelation is that in your left hand you hold

memories of your past.  What God has done so far.  The countless

testimonies of his faithfulness that can all too easily be forgotten,

but also recalled with a quickened thought back.  Like David facing

Goliath, what has God allowed you to accomplish so far?  How has he

miraculously helped you?  Remember.  In our right hands, we

hold on to our vision for the future.  What has God called you to?

What has he put in your heart?  What great dreams have been planted?  Envision.

It is as we hold on with remembrance to God's faithfulness in the past

and his promises for the future that we can move forward today and

continue in the little things we know to do.