Meeting Huldah Buntain, Friend of Mother Theresa

Got to spend lunch this afternoon with my in-laws and missionary Huldah Buntain. 

Mrs. Buntain has been a missionary to India for 53 years and is one of the great servants in the Christian faith. 

She and her husband Mark first visited India simply to preach for a year of youth crusades across the country and ended up spending their lives there.   

Their ministry has been chiefly in Calcutta, India reaching the poor. 

She was a friend of Mother Theresa, and her hospital took care of Mother Theresa in her dying days. Also, the order started by Mother Theresa takes their sick to the hospital run by Mrs. Buntain. She now has over 1500 staff working for her all across the country, as well as the large hospital staff. They take in unwanted children, currently holding schools for 32,000 children across the country. 

She did a wonderful job sharing with our church, and I felt very insignificant in my life after hearing of her faithfulness to serve the poor. I look forward to partnering with them as we continue to minister in India through the years.