facebook lessons on Evangelism

So I set up a facebook account for my older brother Jon today.  He forced me into the world of MySpace a year and a half ago, so I figured I'd pay him back.  MySpace is soooo dead lately!  Anyone concur?  I'm loving the world of facebook and most of the people I know are too.  I've wanted Jon to get a facebook account for a while now, but it came to the point where I needed to force it to happen.  There comes a point when you love a product or service so much and you care about a friend so much that you don't take "no" for an answer anymore.  Anyone relate?  After I set up my brother's account, I began to think of how this is true with lots of products.  I also began to get excited, thinking of how this applies to our faith in Christ.  There comes a point where we don't take "no" for an answer anymore.  We love our friend and we know they will thank us in the end.  So we do whatever it takes ... pick them up for church, beg them to give Jesus a chance.  We love Jesus so much and we know if they just get a glimpse of what we've got, they thank us for eternity.