Purple Cow with a Purpose

Finished a great book by Seth Godin, marketing guru extraordinaire, called The Purple Cow.  In it he argues that cows are fun to watch for a while, but they get boring.  A purple cow ... now that is a different story.  Being remarkable enables a product to dominate the market.  What makes one thing remarkable can't be copied, it has to be unique and different for each product.  After all, lots of remarkable products together in the same room are doomed to normalcy.  This "remarkable" aspect cannot simply be engineered into the promotion of a product, it MUST be a part of it's genes.  Marketing has to play a part in product development before it can truly be successful in product promotion.  The purple cow idea translates beautifully to evangelism.  What can we do to share our faith with a friend in a remarkable fashion?  Ever thought of bribing your neighbor to church?  (ie - free lunch at their favorite restaurant, or a spot next to you in your box seat for Sunday's big game after).  Part of being remarkable could be to throw a neighborhood cookout, or mow everyone's lawns (mow a picture of Jesus' face into their lawn ... okay, maybe not).  I'm convinced God can and will give us incredible creativity if we ask him for it.  Part of doing a purple cow act means we can't just copy other good ideas, but we need to do something new for someone we love and want to know Christ.  After all, Christ originated this brilliant ideas when he said "people will see your good deeds (purple cow acts) and glorify your father in heaven" (Matthew 5).  The second part of the purple cow act that plays into evangelism is that we can't just do good deeds and expect people to find Christ because of it.  It is vital to share what Jesus has done in us and that this is why we are exhibiting purple cow behavior.  In this way, we will purposefully finish the work of the purple cow act.