The Greatest Single Tool in Evangelism

The greatest single tool in evangelism, in my opinion, is Christlikeness.  In our effort to become more like Christ, or rather in our surrender and openness to God's will in our lives.  As we do this, evangelism becomes more and more natural.  Michelle and I get the chance to see lots of churches and "church cultures" as we travel.  Many times, as in all of us, the church's stated vision doesn't match up with it's practices.  Either churches are too busy or too impractical (wordy vision with little practical implication) to accomplish their dreams.  These dreams usually involve evangelizing their community and the world.  When Michelle and I were in Seattle we primarily visited two churches.  One of the churches taught and pushed evangelism and caring about non-members, but even as preachers we felt unwelcomed.  How can a supposed "evangelistic church" be so off it's target?  The other church mentioned evangelism every now and then, but the culture was warm with the Presence of God.  The people were intensely spiritual, yet also some of the friendliest people I've ever met.  Their church was contagious, and we couldn't stop going.  I miss it to this day.  Evangelism has to be more than a "vision statement."  As a pastor, we can't push our people to eventually do it, or hope that they eventually "get it."  Rather, as we take people deeper into Christ and the Presence of God, friendliness and evangelism are natural results from "being with Jesus."  A small part is still ours to teach, but if we don't experience God, little will result.