How to Super-charge Your Personal Growth

My top Clifton Strengths Finder is "Learner."  I love to learn new things, grow myself, and become better at everything I do. 

I believe many struggling marriages are one good book away from success. Many people filing for bankruptcy may be one good book away from steadiness in their financial lives. 

The discipline to learn about your given situation in life can literally change your life! 

Don't wait until you become old to become wise. 

The person who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the person who cannot read at all.

Discipline yourself to always be developing yourself in your job, relationships, finances and spiritual life. 

Here are 5 ways to super-charge your personal growth:

1. Read the Bible every year

No books can take the place of the spiritual and practical life depth of wisdom in God's Word. There's something about reading it over and over that opens up new truths at just the right time. 

2. Read a book a week

This is has been my joy over the past 6 years, and it has made a significant impact on my life. 

Sometimes I will set monthly themes for my reading, and other times it will be spontaneous. 

Either way, after all my studying, there are always more books on my shelf waiting to be read than I can reasonably handle.

3. Subscribe to emails on relevant topics

I get dozens of emails a week with pertinent and relevant thinking on ministry, business and finances.  

I categorize and save illustrations or anything else I want to remember. I have folders in my email to recall any information or story I came across for just the right moment.  

4. Get a mentor

I have several mentors. These men of God speak into my life for specific situations I need addressed. They are a great blessings. 

Scripture says, "He who walks with the wise grows wise." 

5. Make Time to Journal

I have journaled several times a week for 8 or so years now.

I have piles of journals I can sift through to remember what God has been doing in my life over long periods of time.

Growth is not just about information download, but also about recalling, remembering key lessons, and applying them to our lives.