The One Requirement for A Close Walk with God

I remember a student in Bible college explaining that he was not the prayer "type." He preferred to connect to God by taking walks. 

Another student leader my freshman year of Bible College tried to discourage me in the beginning stages of learning to have a prayer life. He believed that praying 10 minutes can be more incredible than praying 2 hours. 

In both situations, I have felt and continue to feel from both personal experience and my study of the Scriptures and Church history that nothing fills us up with spiritual strength like time in prayer and the Word of God. 

A successful devotional life, and walk with God nearly always comes from giving enough time to it.  

The more time we can devote to not being rushed in our devotional lives, the better. 

Another friend in college explained once that he had been in a spiritual rut in his devotional life.  He typically prayed 15 minutes a day, going for consistency rather than trying to reach "too high" and not be consistent. He would do his 15 minutes and never quite experience God for the past number of months.

The solution may have been as easy as: to pray until he felt satisfied in his experience of God. 

Our time constraints often constrain God's work In our lives. 

We all make time for what's truly important to us. When I feel discouraged, frustrated, worried, or confused, time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer are often all I need to forget those earthly obstacles.  

Going to church, walking in holiness, are also needed, but there's been nothing in my life that has brought such spiritual strength as time alone with God.