Top Forms of Communication for Young People

Tim Elmore shared recently that in a focus group of students, the preferred methods of communication are: 

1. Text messaging
2. Internet(i.e. social media)
3. Podcasts
4. Instant messaging
5. Cell phone calls
6. DVD / CD
7. Books
8. Email

Tim shared his thoughts on this: "I want you to notice a few things about this list. First, note that email is last on the list. One student described email as "a way to communicate with older people."  Second, with one exception, this list moves from more personal to less personal in nature. They want something customized not generic if they're going to pay attention. Third, and most importantly, these students prefer a "screen" for six out of their top eight favorite methods of communication."

We need to learn to communicate with a generation of "Screenagers."