The Kingdom

Scriptures call the Kingdom of God many things, including a Body, Building, Church (Big C), Family, etc.  It is such a beautiful thing to be a part of a family of faith so broad, diverse, compassionate and all changed by Christ!  Let's be people that think outside of our "little kingdom" boxes, or our own personal ministries, churches and groups and recognize and celebrate what God is doing around the world. 

Here are a few "little kingdom" mentalities that break my heart:
1. People only celebrating, promoting, noticing what's happening in their church or ministry or circle.  A healthy Kingdom thing to do is to promote someone else's ministry or church even if it does no good for you.  Talk about and cherish what God is doing beyond you.
2. People putting their own image on those following them.  Expecting them to have the same giftings, callings, leadings and passions as the leader.  Not allowing them to be diverse and yet unified.
3. People tearing down other ministries.  I believe we can question and share our uncertainties without calling other groups of Christians the "anti-Christ" or etc.  Be slow to beat the Body of Christ for you yourself will feel the pain.  Be slow to tear down other's ministries, callings, denominations, churches, etc. 

When we love each other, Jesus said the world would see his truth.  Therefore, one of the greatest tools in evangelism is to stop tearing down subcultures of the faith unless they deny Christ.  Again, I don't believe it's wrong to question practices or motives (and it's definitely okay to not practice them yourself), but do it with a Christian love and with an open mind.

In the oft quoted saying of John the Beloved and others, "Dear Children, Love one another."