Wisconsin Young Adult Retreat

Want to give a huge shout out from both Michelle and me to all our new friends from the Wisconsin District AG Young Adult retreat.  Wisconsin may be the only, if not one of the few, states in the country (and world) that is already holding a young adult focused event across the state.  They started it several years ago with 60 people, and this year there were 200+. 

Michelle and I felt so loved and cared for at this retreat.  We had so much fun making new friends, relaxing with all the free time, listening to the unabashed karaoke masters and headbangers, trying to find coffee somewhere in town with everybody, playing wii on picnic tables and retreat center walls, wondering if the hayride was going to be haunted, missing out on the chocolate for the shmores, having no stress except for "frogger" crossing the street, and being a part of the baptisms at the end of the retreat.

People were responsive to the move of God and it was such an honor to share.  I shared in four services and Michelle shared in a service of her own to approx. 125 ladies!  She was worried about not having anything to say, but she preached for 20 minutes and the girls said they loved it! : )

The band, the Regardless, was absolutely incredible.  Incredible musicians, great guys, and gifted songwriters as well. They lead regularly for the youth group at Life Church in Germantown.

Pastor Jason Held and Pastor Jon Brooks (who wasn't able to make it; was on a trip to Turkey with his dad) do such an amazing job at putting this all together.  Future generations will look to them as "AG pioneers" in this opportune area of young adult ministry.


Speaking on Saturday night.


Half the crowd still going after God 3 hours into the service Saturday night.


Several baptisms to end the retreat.