The Antithesis of a Martyr

It is a popular thought in our generation, in our culture but also really around the world that in some sense all roads will lead to God, all people a fair chance at heaven.

Within this worldview, humanity has a grasp on the divine understanding and God becomes no bigger than what we can comprehend.  Instead of truth defining concepts such as love and peace, we form our own meanings from experience, which will always be slippery.

To say that all roads lead to God, as a Christian is the total opposite (or antithesis) of those martyrs who literally followed in the footsteps of Christ to die for their steadfast and vocal belief that Christ is the One Way to the Father.  They issued a clarion call through the ages that can't be taken lightly. 

If all will be forgiven at the judgment seat, there was literally no point for Christ to invade our world ... or die ... a terrible death.

If all roads lead to God, why then have literal millions given their life within the past century alone?  In nearly every case, they died with the Name of Christ on their lips and the exclusivity of the Gospel in their hearts.

Think of it.  Husbands, mothers, sisters, cousins.  Imagine this in your own terms. 

They "took up their cross" and "denied themselves" and "didn't deny Christ before men."  In most cases, they suffered because of intentional Christian living and being vocal about hope in Christ alone.

Christianity is really simple.  It is taking Scripture out of context that makes it more complex than it should be.  Time soaking in the Scriptures, rather than the writings and theologies of men is the solution.