Stuck Between Nostalgia & Vision

It's so easy to want to be anywhere else than where we are now.  Nostalgic about the good ol' days and times long gone, and/or full of dreams for the better future on the other side of tomorrow.

It is definitely good to cherish yesterday's memories and equally important to be inspired by the future, but we can't keep ourselves from remembering to be utterly focused on today.  Nothing is more sad than living our lives with continual discontent and realizing only later that what we had was really good.  Savor and enjoy the "right now" in our lives.

1. Right now is the only time we will ever have.  There's literally no time like the present.

2. The future will only be shaped by what is done right now.  Want something more?  Do it now.  Plan for it today.

3. The past is a memory to be cherished and a lesson book to be learned from.

4. Right now is the best and only time to be most truly enjoyed and used for good.

Let's unstuck ourselves from the trap of the past and the fear of the future and stick to today.