So many things in the Scriptures are seemingly Backwards to what are human nature is predisposed to do.  It's hard to miss with any honest reading of the Scripture.  A good way to encapsulate it would be to say that Jesus' teachings are frequently Backwards of what self and sin want from us.

Listen closely to Jesus in Matthew 5-7 ...

We want to live a life worthy to be praised, but Jesus says we are blessed when we are insulted and spoken ill of.

We want to build up a life for ourselves, but Jesus says to freely give.

We want to define lines of friends and enemies, but Jesus says to love even those we love to hate.

We want at least our spirituality to hold us up before others, but Jesus says to keep sacred things secret.

We daily judge others based on a number of issues (no matter what side we happen to be on), but Jesus says to change ourselves to change the world.

We want life to be handed to us on a silver platter, but Jesus says to knock the door down.

We want to customize our beliefs, but Jesus says to build on himself or face a spiritual hurricane Katrina.

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