We are so excited to be leaving for Kolkata (Calcutta), India tomorrow to work with Huldah Buntain and Calcutta Mercy Ministries.  We will be serving alongside many of their humanitarian projects and touching lives of the precious people of India.

Huldah Buntain is the wife of the late Mark Buntain, a man who did so much for the Lord and has had many biographies written of all God used him to do.  Together they have led so many people to Christ over the decades, but a staple of their lives has been various humanitarian works.  They started Mission of Mercy which allows for thousands of hopeless children to eat and go to school when their families couldn't afford these luxuries.  They have planted over 700 churches across India.  Some of these churches have tens of thousands in attendance each week.  They have established over 100 schools across India.  They have established feeding programs in various cities that freely feed 30,000 hungry people a day.  They built the largest hospital in Calcutta that treats 100,000 people a year for free, who could not otherwise afford to be cared for.  And they have done much more.  Huldah was also a close friend of the late Mother Theresa, and her hospital cared for Mother Theresa in her dying days with the tender care that Mother Theresa spent her life doing for others.  We will be working alongside Mother Theresa's order on our trip as well.

Needless to say we are humbled and honored to work alongside them, to sit at their feet and learn, and to enjoy seeing what God can do through lives sold out to him over the long haul.

Please pray for us daily.  We are joined by a team of 12 from various cities across the US, including several from our home church, Emmanuel Christian Center, in Minneapolis, MN.