Bevere's Extrordinary by Michelle Brown

I recieved this book in the mail (blogging allows a small group access to new releases by Bevere's publisher WaterBrook Press) and threw it in my bag on my way up to the cabin a few weekends ago.  I had just read a few chapters by the weekends end, being impressed with the stong use of scripture, the interesting stories that John teaches with and the great content.  Right away I could tell this was a book I wanted to read.

That Sunday was the morning that John Bevere was speaking at Emmanuel.  I was so excited to hear him.  I already love his wife and was impressed with a sermon video of John Bevere I saw while on a past trip in China.  I knew it was going to be a fun morning.  I noticed as I walked in the doors and past the product table, that this new book that I was reading wasn't there.  Later that afternoon I sat across the table from Mr. Bevere (we were invited to lunch) and said "I noticed this book (as I pulled it from my bag) was not on your product table this morning." He looked at me with the strangest look, and said, "How'd you get that?" He went on to say, "I have been asking my publishers for pre-release copies and even I can't get them!"  It turns out he wasn't even aware that the publishers offered such a thing ...

The icing on the cake of this story was that after this conversation I had a personally signed, pre-release copy of Extraordinary!

Now I really wanted to read this book!  Often when I read Christian books written by preachers, I feel like I'm being preached to and it keeps me from really 'enjoying' a book.  I began my reading with this pre-conception and it took a few chapters for me to realize that this book was going to be quite the opposite!  Instead of feeling like I wasn't doing enough or could strive harder or faster in my Christian walk, I was feeling encouraged and inspired.  Bevere writes about living a life full of what God has designed us to be and walk in the power and joy of being made in His image.