Prayers in a Bottle

Did you know that God hears, answers and even stores up your prayers?  Psalm 56:8 (NCV) says:

"You have recorded my troubles. 
       You have kept a list of my tears. 
       Aren't they in your records?"

In many versions, line 3 is taken as "[You] put my tears into Your bottle" (Amplified).

According to Scripture, each prayer we pray is remembered and stored.  God, like an accountant, meticulously records and saves each prayer, every tear, each broken sob into his ledger .. they fill a bottle with our name on it.

You may have forgotten about your past prayers, but God hasn't forgotten a single one.  Right now, He is working behind the scenes preparing the way for his plan for your life.

Our prayers not only are recorded, but fill to the brim and overflow God's bottle - causing his quick action on our behalf.  It's inevitable - the God of miracles will answer you.  Don't give up.