Travel for Less

Michelle has literally conquered savings on travel - whether it's flights, hotels or car rentals.  She could easily start a successful travel agency with all she has learned.  

I was bragging about her to a friend who was bumming about the flight prices they were finding.  They were trying several discount sites and finding flights for approximately $600.  Sure enough, Michelle looked around for a few minutes and found them for $400.  Our friend booked them right away.

Although it would be impossible for me to give you Michelle's skills, I can share with you a cheat sheet of her top suggestions for traveling.  These sites generally give the best rates for what Michelle has found to be their individual specialty, although we check several dozen to be sure.  I should also note that it is not just about knowing which site, but learning the ways to get the best deals within the site as well - but these should help.

Flights -

International Flights for Non Profit purposes - Need to register

Hotels - Name your price on

Car Rental - Book close to the last minute & check often on (price changes frequently)

It would also be good, whenever you see a place for a promo code to check (if you're not finding it there you can always google it).