Stocking Stuffer Special

In honor of my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas, we are having a "Stocking Stuffer Special" on Revolutionaries starting today through midnight Christmas Day (December 25th).  

Basically, this means you can buy the book at full price and we'll send you a second copy for absolutely free!  You can use this as a stocking stuffer present for a friend or family member, or use the Twix candy bar adage if you want - "Two for me, none for you!"  

Any way you choose to do it is fine with us.  We simply want to get this book into people's hands.  We see it as boxes of potential waiting to be open, read and unleashed in people's lives.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why we keep blogging and mentioning this book, it's only because we believe in it so much.  I typically spend 15 minutes or so writing a blog, but I've spend countless hours writing Revolutionaries.  They say an author spends an average of two years writing a book.  This is why books are so influential, impacting and important in our lives.  We can spend a couple of hours downloading several years of the most vital life lessons and wisdom of another person.  

For me, Revolutionaries took five years, and contains many of the most important things God has taught me throughout my life.  Enjoy!

Get the "Stocking Stuffer Special" only at RevolutionariesBook, only until midnight on December 25th.

You can also buy Revolutionaries on Amazon, and download a free chapter (just click "Send a Sample") or buy the whole book for your Kindle, iPod Touch or iPhone.  You can also get this sample chapter on your PC.