Why I Love Blogging

I've been enjoying the art of blogging for many months now - nearly a year.  It has been for me a great opportunity to share what God is teaching me, messages he is putting on my heart, evangelistic thoughts, Scriptural revelations, and really just a place for me to process.  I'm an external processor - like to process my thoughts before others.  Blogging helps me do just that.

I also love reading friend's blogs.  Really enjoy hearing from pastors and Christians around the world, their take and views and also what God is teaching them in their personal devotional times. 

One of the biggest problems in any church or organization is lack of inter-department communication.  The leader has all the thoughts, plans, strategies and ideas up in his head, but forgets to share and communicate so much of them.  People are left in the dark, lack direction and confidence.  In a movement, information is empowerment.  Blogging is an added way to share vision, share values, communicate with those we work with and love.

We have so much opportunity in our generation.  Blogging is another one of those "open doors."  To whom much is given, much is also required.