The Death of MySpace

So we canceled our MySpace accounts yesterday.  I had a hard time letting go, not because I ever used it, but because it was a link on our prayer cards we've passed around across the country over the past many years.  Also, I didn't want to let go of my "network" of 500 inactive "friends."

Before this decision was made, many of my friends made a similar decision.  It seems like the only semi-active MySpace users that I know are musicians.

MySpace has made some great improvements over the past year.  The new background designs, apps, mini-feeds, and friends I might know are great things.

There was only one reason I canceled my account, and really it's the only reason I know for the many friends who have canceled theirs over the years.  MySpace's pervasive carnal ads.  Way overboard.  Everything about MySpace is great and customizable except for this.  This will be their downfall (maybe they'll stay alive, but only on psuedo accounts that remain unused).  Counter this with facebook where if you feel an ad is carnal you can tell fb for each ad you don't like and never see it again. 

In a nation where 85% claim affiliation with Christianity combined with a generation that is growing ever more used to being able to customize their lives (and their advertisements), MySpace had better change their ways or die.