My New Job for Billy Graham

Life is mostly made up of valleys, but every now and then you experience one of the moments or opportunities that can only be defined by Ephesians 3:20 - "God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or even imagine."

This has taken place for me over the past few months as a possible opportunity arose, and this past week I have begun to work full time for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  And this through a random connection and what can only be explained as God's timing.

Michelle and I, before we ever met, felt individually called by God to do crusades.  Now it is amazing to get the opportunity to sit at the feet and learn from one of the best organizations in the world to do this ... ever.

I will still be keeping my normal traveling and speaking schedule, but rather than doing secular marketing work to pay the bills, I get to work for BGEA.

I am working on Rock the River, a program that includes a youth outreach August 16th in Minneapolis with Franklin Graham and a bunch of famous bands.  The tour is coming from Baton Rouge, LA, to St. Louis, MO. to Minneapolis.  It is much more than a crusade, however, as over the next few months thousands of church workers and laypeople will be trained extensively in their relationship with God, evangelism and disciple-ing new people. 

The city will never be the same.