Consecrate Then Concentrate

Just finished reading D. L. Moody on Spiritual Leadership by Steve Miller.  Great read.  

"Consecrate then concentrate" was an oft spoken, favorite motto of legendary evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody.  

The life story of Moody is incredible, and I'd highly recommend reading Miller's biography. The book is devotional and life character focused and contributes to personal spiritual growth.  

Moody, at the time of his salvation, was a shoe salesman and all but illiterate at the beginning of his ministry.  This young ambitious young man caught a passion for the Kingdom of God and went on to preach to millions of people across the US and Europe.  He had an incredible ability to reach the lost and had a genuine heart and walk with God.  

Some of the keys miller lists as key notes of Moody's life are his great love for people expressed in practical ways, his obvious passion for the lost, his humility, his commitment to holiness and his dependence on God and God's power for ministry.

One of DL Moody's life mottos was "Consecrate then concentrate."  It meant this:

1. Consecrate

God doesn't look mainly for talent, intelligence or resources.  He looks for people whose hearts are fully his.  Dedicate 100% of your life to God.  

Is there an area of your life you need to repent of and submit to him in order to be fully consecrated to God?  Live your whole life for God and he can use you in greater ways than you've ever dreamed possible.

2. Concentrate

Whether you are a full time minister or a layperson who is fully dedicated to God, God has plans and purposes for you in each stage of your life.  

Continue to discover the key gifts and purposes of God on your life and begin to concentrate all your efforts towards that goal.  

Don't get sidetracked by good ideas, but concentrate your whole life on the great purpose God has put in your heart.

Wise words that still ring true.