The Super Glue of Relationships

Several years ago I remember a Pastor telling me, "Learn to fall in love with Jesus, and you will prepare yourself to be an excellent husband someday."  I believed it then and I still do today.  In fact, I'm more convinced than ever.

So many people try to love their spouse or their family or their friends in their own power.  They attempt to be a good spouse, or family member or friend, but fall short.  At times, relationships that were once close get divided and sometimes even broken.  It is in these times we realize that we cannot love out of self, we can only learn to love from the One that came down and gave his life.  Jesus shows us how to love, Jesus shows us how to live with others.  Only in the strength and power that Christ provides can we be more than conquerors in our relationships.  Only by learning to submit and give up our selfishness as we walk with Christ, can we grow in being selfless with others we love.


Seasons come and go in people's lives and people change.  This was a crazy realization for me - people change.  Sometimes the things we hate most about another person completely changes and what was once an issue becomes a memory of the past.  This teaches us to be patient with one another, bearing with one another in love.  And to do whatever we can do to live at peace with all people, knowing there is always hope for change.


At times, we have done everything in our power, and we have attempted to walk with Christ, but our relationships still face situations that cause us to become divided.  In these times, we can come before the God with confidence in prayer, knowing he will hear our requests, because Christ paved the way by his death on the cross.  When we come in this kind of faith, he hears us and gives us our petition.


A few months back, while en route to Calcutta I read the story of a simple, passionate man named Mark Buntain who had spent his life for the poor in India.  In the midst of grueling ministry schedule and a missionary life away from everything they knew, he and his wife survived and thrived.  He would teach children from the slums about a man named Jesus saying, "Jesus never fails.  Your family will fail you, your friends will fail you, I will fail you, but Jesus will never fail."  I remember being shocked at the simple claim of this statement.  But more and more it rings true in my heart.  Others will always let us down.  We will continually let others down.  Relationships are fragile, but in Christ, we have a super glue that will keep us together until his Kingdom comes!


Maybe you need to apply some of these Super Glue Scriptures to your life and relationships.  Maybe you need to take a moment right now to confess your sins before God and renew your love towards the One who teaches you to love others.