Mission Trip Mentality

This idea has changed my life.  Have you ever been on a mission trip with your church or another missions organization?  You prepare mentally, physically, spiritually for months, raise money and set off for another part of the world full of strange cultures, music, smells and food.  It is standard for me (and probably you if you've done this) to set your agenda and expectations aside for this week and a half, or however long you serve there.  You simply come to serve.  It's a no holds barred kind of servanthood.

I have been working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for several months.  Two days before I started the job early February I returned home from one of these life shaking trips in the slums of Calcutta, India with legendary missionary Huldah Buntain and her team.  If you don't know her, Huldah was the lady who took care of Mother Theresa in her dying days, returning the favor to Mother Theresa (who had herself cared for thousands in their own dying days - giving them the respect and dignity that Christ would have).  Anyways, I came into my new job for BGEA with this same Mission Trip mentality - I have no agenda, no desire for promotion - I'm just here to humbly serve and passionately learn.  I have to say, it's been serving me well to be a servant.


Now, I've never been great at serving.  In fact, when I've taken spiritual gifts tests, servanthood is pretty low on my list.  I'm a natural leader, and not so natural of a servant.  However, I really feel God is graciously helping me improve my perspective, my heart, my servanthood. Scripture makes it clear that the greatest among us must serve the most.  A mentor in my life, Nate Ruch, shared a thought with me recently that reinforces the Mission Trip mentality in our every day lives and jobs.  He said, "You be a person who works on building God's Kingdom, and God will build you."  Love that.  I've been purposefully living this way for a few months now and it's addicting.  Some days I'm meeting famous people, or speaking to hundreds of influencers, and others I'm moving heavy boxes all day.  But no day is more or less special.  In each day I sense the Presence and breakthrough of God and feel his pleasure over my life.  I've laid down my agenda and I'm living to serve and learn.


Well, gotta hit the sack.  Tomorrow is a new day, and we'll be stuffing folders for most of the day.  I'm excited!