Strength in Numbers

One of the biggest blessings in our lives has been mentors.  I believe that every Christian should have regular mentors in their lives, and also people they are discipling and mentoring as well as peers who they are practicing peer mentorship and accountability with.  In this way, we will continually have a strong support system for our faith, calling and life.  Life is so much more fun when we do it with others.

One issue that concerns me about mentorship is when we place too much focus on only one specific man or woman in our lives.  Proverbs actually says twice, "in the multitude of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14, 24:6).  In Matthew 23:9, Jesus also warns us in this way.  I think it is best if we have several people as our spiritual advisors at any given time, and always lean on God and his Word as our final authority.


When looking for mentors in your life, feel free to pursue those you admire.  Know that not every leader has the heart or capability to mentor like you might hope.  Be flexible with people and pray that God opens the right doors and connections with you and others.  Let the relationships grow and develop at their own pace, be careful not to ask for too much right away.  Also, I've found it is best to pursue and keep mentors who are concerned about your life and well being, and not just about their own name or fame.  Practical, simple but essential.