Put Your Dream to the Test

 Just finished Put Your Dream to the Test by John Maxwell.  I've read probably a half dozen or more of Maxwell's incredible leadership books, and this is definitely one of the best.  Many of his books have repetitive themes, which is unavoidable, but Put Your Dream to the Test has a different feel than Maxwell's past books.  He writes more realistically and practically about dreams than he ever has before, challenging the reader to base their dreams in reality, strengths and daily habits.  Here are some of the questions I found myself asking through the book:

1. Is my dream really my dream?
2. Is my dream specific?  Can it be described vividly?
3. Does my dream line up with my strengths, habits and potential?
4. Do I love it?  Would I love to do it even if I never got paid?
5. Where does my dream start, end and what comes in between?  What needs to be my daily action?  How can I remove non-essentials in my life?  How can I embrace challenges & failures before they come, as a part of the process?
6. Am I enlisting others? (cannot do it without them)
7. Am I willing to pay larger and longer prices for this?  What prices am I not willing to pay? (some prices are too high - family, values).
8. Will I move forward no matter what? 
9. Would I be content with the journey even if I didn't reach my dream?  Do I enjoy the day in, day out process of working towards it?
10. Will my dream bring a helpful benefit to others in the world?
Finally, one of my favorite parts of the book was in chapter 8, but I'll save that for a future blog: the principle of the five swings.
Best book I've ever read on dreams.  Right up there next to Visioneering by Andy Stanley.  Check it out.