Too Many Books

Can you have too many books?  Our bookshelf is getting more and more full every month.  Currently it is double stacked with a row of books in front and back.  I cleared a bunch away recently that were stacked on the floor, in the corner and on top of the double stacks and dragged 4 large boxes downstairs (for someday when I have a bigger house to hold all my books).  This is beginning to be a problem.

I love reading.  I got a passion to read the summer before heading off to college and have enjoyed a book a week since, for the past 8 years.  I read mostly spiritual growth, business, leadership, time management and especially enjoy biographies and history.  Books are like friends, they fill me with fresh joy, strength and endurance to face the next leg of my journey.

Can you have too many books?  For one thing, I'm not about having lots of books.  I want lots of the right books.  I am careful what I read, but there's just so much good stuff out there.  Also, I hope to read every book I have by the end of my life.  It's just that there's so little time.  If only I could find a way to get paid to read.