Past Week at MN District Family Camp

We had an unbelievably great week this past week ministering in 10 services over 6 days at the MN District Family Camp for the Assemblies of God in Alexandria, MN at Lake Geneva Christian Center.  I preached for the youth services, a young adult service and several morning devotions and had so much fun.  I sensed a greater anointing as I preached, and Michelle and I both feel that God is about to do something huge in our evangelistic ministry.  We had dozens of students make a first time commitment or rededication of their lives to Jesus throughout the week.  

We also drove home Wednesday night to fulfill a dream, speaking at our home youth ministry - JCP.  I was more nervous than ever before, but God came through and enabled me to speak clearly and boldly, and we saw a great response to the Word of God.  

Also, during the week we attended many services in which we were not ministering, with pastor Jim Raley, evangelist Allen Griffin and pastor Dan Betzer, all ministers from Florida.  Specifically on Tuesday night, after weeping at the altars for people without Christ, I prayed with my close friend Luke, and we had an encounter with God more powerful than anytime in the past 2-3 years!  There was an unexplainably strong Presence of God and a deep stirring to make a difference for eternity.

Thank you for your prayers for us.  If I could only introduce you one by one to the students lives who have been changed, I know you would be blessed.  Thank you!