Rock the River Minneapolis / St Paul

Michelle and I cannot say thank you enough to each of you who served, prayed, and shared about Rock the River here in the Twin Cities area. 

Rock the River took place this past Sunday and over 23,000 youth showed up - packing out Harriet Island Regional Park in downtown St Paul, MN. 

It was an absolutely incredible day!  968 people made decisions for Christ on August 16, and over 489 others made this decision throughout our events over the past year. 

Here are some highlights to show you what the day was like:

It seemed like the line went on for hours at the two main entrances.

Over 23,000 people showed up from across the area.

It felt like there were 30-40,000 people.

JSAW brought in some Pro-skaters.

WOW brought in some Pro-wakeboarders and did a several hour show on the River before the event started.  

Michelle and I oversaw 500+ volunteers day of, but also found a few minutes to slip away and shoot t-shirts from the stage!  Special thanks to our assistants through the day: Gerritt and Tara Kenyon, Darla Potter, Luke Frederick, Mark Djerf and sister Bekah and friend Jordan, Ryan Elie and friend Andrew, Aaron Van Luven and Jose Lattu. 

Incredible bands performed throughout the day: DecembeRadio, Flyleaf, Superchick, Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Flame and Canton Jones. 

The theme of the day was changed lives.  968 filled out decision cards as Franklin Graham preached the Gospel.  The majority of these decisions being youth and first time decisions of faith.  Many more seeds were planted that we cannot count.  BGEA is very specific about their numbers, only counting those who fill out decision cards in their reports - not simply those who raise hands.

Thank you for spreading the word and praying with us!  You are making a difference!